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Intel® Atom™ Processor E3845 1.9 GHz-based EtherCAT Master Controller

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Key Features

  • Powered by ADLINK Softmotion
  • Supports IEC-61131-3-compliant programming environment
  • Minimal control cycle time within 250 µs
  • Motion control of up to 64 axes and up to 10,000 I/O points of control
  • Supports EtherCAT COE, FOE as well as EOE protocols
  • Code executable when host Windows system crashed
  • Built-in SD socket for logging manufacturing data
  • 3 user-defined indicators for CTR diagnostic
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The ADLINK Talos-3012 EtherCAT master controller, based on the Intel Atom quad-core processor E3845 1.9 GHz, with IEC-61131-3 compliant syntaxes, delivers reliable control for multiple axes and versatile I/O control supporting specialized real-time applications. The Talos-3012 supports up to 64-axis motion control and 30K points within determined cycle times, and is verified for interoperability with various EtherCAT servo drives and 3rd party EtherCAT products.

The compact size and wide operating temperature support in the Talos-3012 permit installation anywhere in the control cabinet while withstanding the most extreme operating environments.


The Intel® Atom™? E3845 processor at 1.91GHz provides maximum performance for ADLINK?s Talos Series of EtherCAT master controllers. The high-end processor provides up to 6 times the computing power of conventional single-core EtherCAT master controllers, maximizing supported I/O for time-deterministic control.
Quad core processor


Multitask processing ability

Multitask processing

Industrial automation components comprise HMI, motion controllers, PLC, I/O, and communication gateways, with each subsystem requiring unique controller profiles. ADLINK’s EtherCAT master controller, the Talos-3012, equipped with quad-core Intel® Atom™? processor E3845, enables simultaneous multitask processing for a full range of automation systems.


Time-deterministic control

Time-Deterministic controlEtherCAT reaches new dimensions in network performance, with updates for 1000 I/Os only 30 ?s, including I/O cycle time. ADLINK’s Talos series of EtherCAT controllers supports up to 64 axes and 10,000+ I/Os for time-deterministic control. What’s more, ADLINK?s EPS slave systems support DC (distributed clock) to guarantee synchronization of each slave, and the MDP (modular device profile) features precise local I/O synchronization (64-axis motion control synchronized to ? 1?s, with min. 250?s cycle time for maximum precision) for critical applications such as printing machines and beverage processing & packaging.


Highly compatible with a wide variety of 3rd party EtherCAT system elements

Highly compatible with a wide variety of 3rd party EtherCAT system elements

ADLINK’s EtherCAT solution has been verified for interoperability with various 3rd party EtherCAT elements, more than 5+ EtherCAT masters, 10+ EtherCAT servos, and 15+ I/O devices, providing the flexibility to select exactly which EtherCAT elements are required. 

In addition, ADLINK’s Talos series of EtherCAT master controllers and EPS series of EtherCAT slave systems all support CoE, FoE, EoE and AOE, to fully utilize EtherCAT benefits.



Limitation-free EtherCAT motion control

Limitation-free EtherCAT motion control

ADLINK’s EPS-7002 motion control module is controllable by any 3rd party EtherCAT master thanks to full compliance with CiA402 specifications, providing high flexibility for multi-axis motion control on both EtherCAT & non-EtherCAT motors (steppers, DD, generic servos), reducing TCO for complete motion control systems.


Ease of development

Ease of development

ADLINK’s Talos series supports a complete IEC 61131-3 edition environment, with 5 common PLC syntaxes and powered by ADLINK Softmotion, with application-oriented functions and APIs simplifying use and shortening development time.


Easy recognition across EtherCAT systems

Easy recognition across EtherCAT systems

ADLINK’s easy-to-uses of tware utility, LinkMasterPro? enables automatic EPS module recognition across EtherCAT systems and generates corresponding (ESI) XML files with selected slave assembly. LinkMasterPro not only assists in EtherCAT configuration but also evaluates the functionality of every single EPS system. With its Auto-slave-detection function, system configuration has never been easier.


Self-diagnostic function protects user assets

Self-diagnostic function protects user assetsADLINK’s EPS slave systems feature new RISC processor, allowing users to monitor the status of EPS modules and systems including overheating detection, low power detection, slave health reporting, error handling, and usage cycle of relay switching, as well as motion control status for general purpose motor drive control. All information can be retrieved for review via software or displayed by dedicated indicators, allowing the status of a single module to be monitored.


Easy maintenance, reduced MTTR

Easy maintenance, reduced MTTR

The EPS slave system significantly eases system maintenance. Each slave module is hot-swappable, allowing replacement with no need to power the system down, reducing MTTR (Mean-Time-to-Repair), and the quick-removable connector minimizes rewiring efforts.


Robust Design

Robust Design

ADLINK’s EtherCAT products feature compact construction with fanless design, operable at -20°C to 60°C, with integral IP31-rated metal housing for withstanding harsh operating conditions.


Easy maintenance, reduced MTTR

ADLINK Softmotion

ADLINK Softmotion provides dependable motion control, based on an efficient algorithmic kernel, featuring basic motion functions such as point-to-point and interpolation, but also variant vertical functionality for AOI, laser cutting, and semiconductor management, and even robotic control. High precision and speed, together with enhanced synchronous motion control, make ADLINK Softmotion a key player in reduction of operational complexity and development period for a wide variety of industrial applications. Compatible with numerous I/O connection types, Softmotion delivers maximum synchronization between motion and I/O control, vastly improving application throughput. Additionally, program download allows execution of multiple deterministic control flows within a secured time period. 

ADLINK’s customizability is further powered by its exclusive Softmotion utility, making it a clear leader in the EtherCAT solution market.

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