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Split Wrapping Band

  • Material:PP , PE
  • Color:Black, other color available upon request
  • Application:
    1. Cut into suitable length, and use the special tool to wrap band the wire easily.
    2. Hold the topside of wire with installation tool, and draw down to wrap the wire immediately by easy and fast.
    3. This wire band designed to be easy off and re-usable, the tensile power will be remain after every wrap and peel.
  • Tensile power:Easily applied and safety to protect cables and wire bundles from damage and electric harmless.



PP Unit: mm
Item No. D T W Wrapping Range Packing
 KL-8BK 8.0 0.8 9.0 10 5 M / Bag
 KL-15BK 15.0 0.8 13.0 16
 KL-20BK 20.0 0.9 15.0 22
 KL-25BK 25.0 1.3 18.0 27
 KL-32BK 32.0 1.3 23.0 35
PE Unit: mm
Item No. D T W Wrapping Range Packing
NEW  KL-6PE 6.2 0.8 6.0 6.5 5 M / Bag

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