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Hotline: 1900 6697

SP-AL Series

Intel Atom® Processor-based Fanless 7”/10.1”/12.1”/15.6”/18.5”/21.5” Panel Computer

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The ADLINK Smart Panel is an embedded open frame panel computer able to integrate into a wide variety of form factors and configurations. The Smart Panel provides an exceptional range of available display sizes, touch types, DC inputs, and I/O, able to fulfill a diversity of vertical requirements. Function modules can expand I/O irrespective of type or quantity.


* Factory Automation

* Machine Automation

* Testing Instrumentation

* Retail

* Transportation

* Healthcare

Ordering Information
  • SP-07WP-AL Series
    7″ smart panel computer
  • SP-10WP(R)-AL Series
    10.1″ smart panel computer
  • SP-12WP(R)-AL Series
    12.1″ smart panel computer
  • SP-15WP(R)-AL Series
    15.6″ smart panel computer
  • SP-18WP(R)-AL Series
    18.5″ smart panel computer
  • SP-21WP-AL Series
    21.5″ smart panel computer
  • Memory
    Upgrade to 2/4/8GB DDR3L memory
  • Storage
    eMMC, 2.5” HDD/SSD, M.2 SSD, 3D TLC
  • Adapter
    12V 60W, 12V 85W, 12V 120W, 24V 160W power adapter
  • I/O Cables
    Keypad, power reset, audio, and USB cables
  • Wireless Communication Kit
    Wi-Fi/BT/4G LTE wireless kit
Starter Kit
  • Smart Panel Starter Kit
    10”/15” panel computer, 2GB DDR3L, 32GB SSD, function module board, internal cable set, and holders

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