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RT 8 BU- 3049148 – Bolt connection terminal block

*Description: Feed-through terminal block with bolt connection method, cross section: 2.5 – 35 mm², AWG: 14 – 2, width 20.2 mm, color: blue

*Country of origin: CN (China)


Your advantages

-The special clamping nuts can be actuated with a normal screwdriver

-Quick and easy connection with fold-up hinged covers which hold the clamping nuts captive. With the covers folded open, the bolt is free to accept the cable lugs

-After closing and engaging the covers, the clamping nut automatically aligns with the threaded bolt and can be tightened easily.

-The screws are secured against loosening by captive spring-loaded spacers

-Large-surface labeling options in the terminal center and above the terminal points

-Easy bridging and potential distribution using the patented plug-in bridges from the CLIPLINE complete system

-The use of the switching lock effectively prevents unintentional switching

-Testing with the standardized test adapters and test plugs of the CLIPLINE complete system

-The hinged cover cover the live metal parts including the insulated cable lugs in the clamping area so that they are touch proof

-Tested for railway applications


Rated surge voltage 8 kV
Degree of pollution 3
Overvoltage category III
Insulating material group I
Maximum power dissipation for nominal condition 4.06W

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