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Hotline: 1900 6697

Rơ le – 2900330 – PLC-RPT-24DC/21-21

*Description: PLC-INTERFACE, consisting of PLC-BPT…/21-21 basic terminal block with push-in connection and plug-in miniature relay with power contact, for mounting on NS 35/7,5 DIN rail, 2 PDTs, input voltage 24 V DC


Your advantages

-Slim design

-Efficient connection to system cabling using V8 adapter

-RT III sealed relay

-Safe isolation according to DIN EN 50178 between coil and contact

-Functional plug-in bridges

-Integrated input circuit and interference suppression circuit

Mua ngay Gọi điện xác nhận và giao hàng tận nơi

Coil side

Nominal input voltage UN 24 V DC
Typical input current at UN 18 mA
Typical response time 8 ms
Typical release time 10 ms
Protective circuit Reverse polarity protection Polarity protection diode
Free-wheeling diode Damping diode
Operating voltage display Yellow LED
Power dissipation for nominal condition 0.43 W


Operating mode 100% operating factor
Mechanical service life 3x 107 cycles
Mounting position any
Assembly instructions In rows with zero spacing


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