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Power connectors – SACC-M12MSS-3PECON-PG11-M – 1404641

*Description: Power connectors, Power, 4-position, Plug straight M12, S-coded, Screw connection, knurl material: Zinc die-cast, nickel-plated, cable gland Pg11, external cable diameter 8 mm … 10 mm, for AC current up to 12 A/630 V, Contact 4 leading

*Country of origin: DE (Germany)

Your advantages

-Safe use in the field, thanks to a high degree of protection

-Flexible: connectors for on-site assembly

-Screw connection: proven connection technology for a large selection of different conductors

-High-performance: AC connectors for up to 12 A and 630 V AC

-Protection against incorrect connection using special S-coding

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Wrench size, union nut 19 mm
Diameter housing 20 mm
Length 65.5 mm
External cable diameter 8 mm … 10 mm
Stripping length of the sheath 20 mm
Stripping length of the individual wire 5 mm

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C … 85 °C (Plug / socket)
Degree of protection IP67


Note Strip 21 mm off the cable sheath, strip 6 mm off the conductor insulation, crimp the ferrule, then shorten this to 5 mm. Conductor length with shortened ferrule: 20 mm. Connect conductors and tighten the mounting screws with 0.2 Nm.
NOTE: Observe the permissible bending radii when laying conductors, since the degree of protection may be put in jeopardy if the bending forces are too high. Alleviate mechanical loads upstream of the connector, e.g. by using cable ties.
Rated current at 40°C 12 A (when using 1.5 mm² conductors)
12 A (at 40 °C)
Rated voltage 630 V AC
Number of positions 4
Color handle area black
Insulation resistance > 10 GΩ
Coding S power
Standards/regulations M12 connector IEC 61076-2-111
Signal type/category Power
Status display No
Overvoltage category III
Degree of pollution 3
Connection method Screw connection
Conductor cross section 0.75 mm² … 1.5 mm² (without ferrule)
0.75 mm² … 1.5 mm² (with ferrule)
0.75 mm² … 1.5 mm² (solid)
Conductor cross section AWG 18 … 16 (without ferrule)
18 … 16 (with ferrule)
Insertion/withdrawal cycles ≥ 100
Torque 0.4 Nm (M12 knurl)
1.5 Nm … 2 Nm (Pressure screw with sleeve housing)
0.4 Nm (Screw plug insert with sleeve housing as far it will go)
0.2 Nm (Screw terminal blocks)
Assembly instructions The wires can be connected both with ferrules and without ferrules


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