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16-axis PCIe EtherCAT Master Motion Controller

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Key Features

  • PCI Express® x 1 compliant
  • Up to 16-axis motion control & 10,000 I/O point control
  • EtherCAT cycle times up to 250μs
  • Broad range of compatible EtherCAT slaves
  • Dedicated emergency stop input
  • 4CH isolated digital input/4CH isolated digital output
  • 1CH pulsar input
  • Point-table functions for contouring application
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ADLINK PCIe-8332 is a hardware-based EtherCAT motion controller able to support up to 16 synchronized axes and over 10,000 points simultaneously. The PCIe-8332 features dedicated isolated emergency stop input (EMG), and configurable isolated high-speed digital input as not only generic sensor input but also pulsar input, with up to 1MHz input frequency. Optimum jitter control is provided in minimal cycles of 250µs to optimize synchronous I/O performance for vertical automation applications in semiconductor, electronic manufacturing, and others. The PCIe-8332 provides an out-of-shell application-ready (APS) function library to generate multi-dimensional, highly synchronized, time-deterministic event-triggered motion & I/O control. A wide range of compatible 3rd party slaves are easily designed with ADLINK’s APS function library. ADLINK’s MotionCreatorPro 2 utility is fully compliant with the Microsoft Windows environment, that allows complete EtherCAT motion and I/O configuration and function evaluation as well as compiling program download functions.

Validated Device List

No. Vender Driver
1 ADLINK EU-6000
5 Beckhoff EL1008
6 Beckhoff EL1018
7 Beckhoff EL1862
8 Beckhoff EL1889
9 Beckhoff EL2008
10 Beckhoff EL2088
11 Beckhoff EL2872
12 Beckhoff EL2889
13 Copley BE2
14 Copley AE2
15 Delta Electronics ASDA-A2-E
16 Elmo Gold EtherCAT
17 ESTUN ProNet
18 Ever elettronica SW4-C680
19 Festo CMMT-ST
20 Foxnum Technology DXFE
21 Fuji Alpha 7
23 Huatai-smartLink FR8200
24 Inovance AM600-RTU-ECT
25 Inovance SV660N
26 Inovance IS620N_ECAT
27 Kistler 5867B
28 kollmorgen AKD
29 Leadshine DM3E
30 LS L7NHA004U
31 Maxsine EP3
32 Moons’ STF-EC
33 NTI AG C1150-DS-XC-0S
34 NTI AG C1150-DS-XC-1S
35 NTI AG I1150-DS-XC-0S
36 NTI AG C1250-DS-XC-0S
37 NTI AG C1250-DS-XC-1S
38 NTI AG C1450-DS-VS-0S
39 NTI AG C1450-DS-VS-1S
40 NTI AG E1450-DS-QN-0S
41 NTI AG E1450-DS-QN-1S
42 Omron NX_Coupler
43 Omron NX_Coupler_A
44 Omron NX_Modules
45 Omron R88D
47 Panasonic MINAS-A5B
48 Panasonic MINAS-A6BE
49 Panasonic MINAS-A6BF
50 Sanyodenki RS2 EtherCAT
51 Sanyodenki RS3-E
52 Sanyodenki PB EtherCAT
53 Servotronix CDHD2
54 Servotronix BDHDE
55 Shanghai STEP Electric STEP AS260
56 Shihlin Electric SDP-E
57 TPM STP-K111
58 TPM STP-K112
59 TPM STP-K121B
60 TPM STP-K221
62 Tsino-Dynatron CoolDrive S7
63 Yaskawa SGD7S
64 Yaskawa SGDV-E1
65 Yaskawa SGDV-E5


Ordering Information
  • PCIe-8332
    16-axis PCIe EtherCAT Master Motion Controller

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