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10.1″/12.1″/15.6″ Wide-Screen Medical Panel Computer with Intel Celeron J1900 for Patient Monitoring
The MLC-101/121/156-BT is scheduled for discontinuation as of 2021/06/30. The recommended replacement product is MLC-AL/ MLC-KL.
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Key Features
  • All-in-one wide-screen medical panel computer with IntelRCeleronR Processor J1900 SoC
  • 10.1″/12.1″/15.6″ display with PCAP multi-touch touchscreen and anti-glare coated safety glass
  • Fanless design with IP65 rated front panel and IP21 rating for entire system, providing easy cleaning and resistance to common medical disinfection procedures
  • Versatile I/O interfaces including isolated Ethernet to meet application requirements
  • Isolated Ethernet design
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The MLC-101/121/156-BT Series of Medical Touch Panel Computers is based on the Intel Celeron Processor J1900 and ideal for displaying and recording medical information in a variety of clinical settings. The MLC-101/121/156-BT Series is available in three sizes, all equipped with a multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreen panel with safety glass and anti-glare coating. The effective diagonal dimensions of MLC-101, MLC-121 and MLC-156-BT models are 10.1″, 12.1″ and 15.6″ respectively. The projected capacitive touchscreens support multi-touch operation to allow easy and flexible operation. The touchscreen display sensitivity is sufficient to provide operation of the touch functionality for a user wearing protective gloves as commonly used in medical environments.


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