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Mini feed-through terminal block – MBKKB 2,5 – 1414064

*Description: Mini feed-through terminal block, connection method: Screw connection, cross section: 0.2 mm² – 4 mm², AWG: 24 – 12, width: 5.2 mm, color: gray, mounting type: NS 15, NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15

*Country of origin: CN (China)


*Your advantages

-Fixed bridges and test sockets can be used on both levels

-Space saving thanks to compact design and mounting option on a 15 mm DIN rail

-Clear arrangement thanks to marking of all terminal points

-Easy potential distribution thanks to standardized plug-in bridges

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Number of levels 2
Number of connections 4
Nominal cross section 2.5 mm²
Color gray
Insulating material PA
Flammability rating according to UL 94 V2
Rated surge voltage 6 kV
Degree of pollution 3
Overvoltage category III
Insulating material group I
Maximum power dissipation for nominal condition 0.77 W (the value is multiplied when connecting multiple levels)
Connection in acc. with standard IEC 60947-7-1
Nominal current IN 24 A
Maximum load current 24 A (with 4 mm² conductor cross section)
Nominal voltage UN 500 V
Open side panel Yes
Shock protection test specification DIN EN 50274 (VDE 0660-514):2002-11
Back of the hand protection guaranteed
Finger protection guaranteed
Result of surge voltage test Test passed
Surge voltage test setpoint 7.3 kV
Result of power-frequency withstand voltage test Test passed
Power frequency withstand voltage setpoint 1.89 kV
Checking the mechanical stability of terminal points (5 x conductor connection) Test passed
Result of bending test Test passed
Bending test rotation speed 10 rpm
Bending test turns 135
Bending test conductor cross section/weight 0.2 mm² / 0.2 kg
2.5 mm² / 0.7 kg
4 mm² / 0.9 kg
Tensile test result Test passed
Conductor cross section tensile test 0.2 mm²
Tractive force setpoint 10 N
Conductor cross section tensile test 2.5 mm²
Tractive force setpoint 50 N
Conductor cross section tensile test 4 mm²
Tractive force setpoint 60 N
Result of tight fit on support Test passed
Tight fit on carrier NS 35/NS 15
Setpoint 1 N
Result of voltage-drop test Test passed
Requirements, voltage drop ≤ 3.2 mV
Result of temperature-rise test Test passed
Short circuit stability result Test passed
Conductor cross section short circuit testing 2.5 mm²
Short-time current 0.3 kA
Result of thermal test Test passed
Proof of thermal characteristics (needle flame) effective duration 30 s
Relative insulation material temperature index (Elec.; UL 746 B) 125 °C
Temperature index of insulation material (DIN EN 60216-1 (VDE 0304-21)) 125 °C


Width 5.2 mm
Length 62 mm
Height NS 15 47.5 mm
Height NS 35/7,5 48 mm
Height NS 35/15 55.5 mm


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