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High Speed Link Extension Module

Datasheet: Download

Key Features

  • Linking style: Master to HUB, HUB to HUB, HUB to Slave
  • Support T bracing connection and star connection (subsystem concept)
  • One input port with 3 output segment ports
  • Jumper selectable transmission speeds: 3/6/12 Mbps
  • Full and half duplex transmission mode are jumper selectable
  • RJ-45 phone jack for easy installation
  • 24 VDC input


The HSL-Terminator can be used for stable communication. The HSLTerminator provides an adjustable resistor to allow the impedance of the wiring of the HSL system or Motionnet system to be adjusted to ensure the quality of the transmission.

Ordering Information
  • HSL-Terminator
    High speed link extension module
Recommend List
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  • DPAC-3000 series
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