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High Speed Link Extension Modules
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Key Features
  • One input port with 3 output segment ports
  • Support T bracing connection / Star connection(Subsystem Concept)
  • 24VDC input
  • RJ-45 phone jack for easy installation
  • Full and half duplex transmission mode are jumper selectable
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Danh mục:


HSL system is a great remote real-time I/O control solution. HSL-HUB3/Repeater comes with HSL technology and provides much flexibility in HSL system topology and extension. Machine makers and FA planners can use this extension module to install subsystem and process remote side (2.4 km) I/O even motion control.

Ordering Information
  • HSL-HUB3/Repeater
    High Speed Link extension modules
Recommend List
  • PCI-7853/PCI-7854
    High Speed Link (HSL) master controller PCI interface cards
  • PCI-7856
    Master-slave distributed motion & I/O master controller
  • DPAC-3000 series
    Distributed Programmable Automation Controller with HSL and Motionnet Buses (Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6 GHz CPU)

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