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Low-Profile 4-CH Discrete Input and 4-CH Discrete Output Module
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Key Features
  • Input voltage: ±40V (Max)
  • Slave ID consumption: 1
  • Input impedance: 4.7KΩ
  • Input current: ±10mA(Max) , ±12.5mA(Peak)
  • Output response time: ON→OFF: 180µs,OFF→ON: 1.2µs
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High Speed Link 4-CH Low-Profile Discrete Input 4-CH Discrete Output Module ADLINK HSL-DI4DO4-L-NN/PN/NP/PP is a distributed I/O control solution based on HSL network. With the low-profile design, it is especially suitable for limited space use. The clap connector can let users easily wire. LED indicates the I/O status and users can check it visually. With the HSL feature, it has 30.4?gs real-time response at 6 Mbps. System integrators will benefit from this low-profile design to easily build up a local communication network.


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