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Hotline: 1900 6697

Housing – HC-STA-B06-BWSC-ELC-AL – 1411319

*Description: HEAVYCON B6 panel mounting base, with single locking latch, with plastic protective cover, with flat gasket, salt-water-resistant aluminum, conductive profile gasket.

*Country of origin: CN (China)

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*Your advantages

-good shielding in the event of electromagnetic interference

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Height 30.5 mm
Width 53 mm
Length 80.5 mm
Length of the assembly cutout 52 mm
Width of the assembly cutout 35 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection (IP) IP66 (with locked protective cover)
IP67 (when plugged in)
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C … 125 °C


Note For contact inserts HC-B6, BB10, DD24, M
Size B6
Housing type Panel mounting base
Color gray aluminum
Locking type with single locking latch
Torque 1.5 Nm … 2 Nm (Mounting screw)
Screw connection none
Protective cover yes
Housing material Die-cast aluminum, salt water resistant
Housing surface material uncoated
Seal material NBR, conductive
Material lock PA
Material, protective cover PA