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Feed-through terminal block – ST 1,5-QUATTRO – 3031186

*Description: Feed-through terminal block, nom. voltage: 500 V, nominal current: 17.5 A, connection method: Spring-cage connection, number of connections: 2, cross section: 0.08 mm² – 1.5 mm², AWG: 28 – 16, width: 4.2 mm, color: gray, mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15

*Country of origin: DE (Germany)

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Your advantages

-Cross connection to any number of terminal blocks with the consistent FBS … plug-in bridge system

-Compact potential distributors, the double connection enables four conductors to be connected on one potential

-Tested for railway applications


Rated surge voltage 6 kV
Maximum power dissipation for nominal condition 0.56 W
Maximum load current 17.5 A (in case of a 1.5 mm² conductor cross section, the maximum load current must not be exceeded by the total current of all connected conductors.)
Nominal current IN 17.5 A (with 1.5 mm² conductor cross section)
Nominal voltage UN 500 V

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