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EPS Series

EtherCAT Slave System

Key Features

  • Compatible with certified 3rd party EtherCAT masters
  • Comprehensive slave modules include high-density digital I/ O, analog I/O, thermal measurement, and motion control
  • EtherCAT COE, FOE protocol support
  • Compliance with industrial IEC standard
  • Automatic Detection System by LinkMasterPro™ application detects and generates corresponding ESI files automatically
  • Intelligent status monitoring for EPS modules
  • Hot-swappable to reduce MTTR
  • Operable in environments from -20°C to 60°C
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The ADLINK complete EtherCAT solution, from hardware to middleware to software, with every element tailored for dedicated EtherCAT functionality, includes PCIe-833X Series master controllers, EPS slave systems, and remote monitoring and control providers. As well, ADLINK’s Softmotion one-stop control kernel delivers flexible and easy-to-use intelligent platforms for driving next-generation modern Smart Factories. ADLINK’s EPS slave system brings the power the flexibility to EtherCAT environments. State-of-the-art modular construction allows the EtherCAT slave to be configured to fulfill the needs of both small local applications and expansive distributed platforms. The EPS system with comprehensive and high-density I/O modules that include DI/O, pulse-chain motion modules. Leveraging ARM and FPGA technologies, the EPS slave is able to monitor and report system integrity via EtherCAT communication, while relay module lifecycle and signal integrity of analog output are monitored cyclically, and hot swappability reduces downtime significantly. Uniquely designed for full operability in conditions from -20°C to 60°C,the EPS slave system is also fully compliant with the EN 60068-2 standard for shock and vibration and EN 61000-6 for heavy industrial EMC protection, as well as emission certification. Corresponding ESI files for each EPS system can be generated thru ADLINK’s Windows-based EtherCAT slave utility, LinkMasterPro™.

Ordering Information
  • EPS-1032
    32CH, sinking, digital input
  • EPS-2132
    32CH, sourcing, digital output
  • EPS-6000
    EtherCAT bus coupler
  • EPS-7002
    2CH, pulse-train motion
  • EPS-9905
    5-slot chassis of remote I/O system

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