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2PDT 24VDC ECOR SET – 1083276


*Country of origin: Singapore

Your advantages

Test voltage relay winding/relay contact 2.5 kVrms (50 Hz, 1 min.)
-Test voltage PDT/PDT 2 kVrms (50 Hz, 1 min.)
-Operating mode 100% operating factor
-Degree of protection RT II
-Mechanical service life 3x 107 cycles
-Mounting position any
-Assembly instructions In rows with zero spacing






Width 25 mm
Height 68.5 mm
Depth with retaining bracket (optional accessories) 63 mm

Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature (operation) -25 °C … 55 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -25 °C … 55 °C

Coil side
Nominal input voltage: UN 24 V DC
Typical input current at: UN 32 mA
Typical response time: 15 ms
Typical release time :10 ms
Coil voltage: 24 V DC
Status display: Yellow LED
Power dissipation for nominal condition: 759 mW

Contact side
Contact type: 2 PDTs
Type of switch contact: Single contact
Contact material: AgNi
Maximum switching voltage: 250 V AC/DC

Contact side
Minimum switching voltage: 12 V (10 mA)
Min. switching current: 10 mA (12 V)
Maximum inrush current: 24 A (20 ms, N/O contact)
Limiting continuous current: 12 A
Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max: 288 W (24 V DC)
130 W (48 V DC)
90 W (60 V DC)
66 W (110 V DC)
88 W (220 V DC)
3000 VA (250 V AC)
Switching capacity min: 120 mW
Switching capacity in acc. with DIN VDE 0660/IEC 60947: 4 A (24 V (DC13))/4 A (250 V (AC15))

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