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đại lý kai suh suh

Hiển thị kết quả duy nhất

  • Rơ le – 2834685 – PR2-RSP3-LDP-24DC/2X21

    *Description: Fully mounted relay modules with spring-cage connection, consisting of: relay base, plug-in industrial relay with integrated LED, free-wheeling diode and engage/disengage manual actuate lever, and relay retaining bracket. Input voltage: 24 V DC, 2 PDT, 10 A


    Your advantages

    -Relay with detectable manual operation and status LED

    -With DC types, freewheeling diode is integrated in relay

    -Logical contact arrangement thanks to 1/3-level relay base

    -4 PDT types with multi-layer gold contacts

    -Mechanical switch position indicator




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